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    Active Body Wash

    smooths | hydrates

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    Vitamin C Body Lotion

    a replenishing body lotion | body

    8 fl. oz./236 mL

    A nourishing body lotion that seals in hydration and helps replenish the skin’s natural moisture barrier. A blend of squalane, hyaluronic acid and antioxidants helps deliver rich hydration, soften and brighten lackluster skin.

    Shea butter
    a biogenic, universal emollient that nourishes and softens dry skin while helping preserve hydration levels

    a skin identical lipid that enhances the delivery of nutrients to prevent and diminish the signs of aging

    Vitamin C
    a powerful antioxidant that brightens and promotes skin renewal

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    Hand Therapy

    a restorative hand cream | body

    2 fl. oz./60 mL

    A non-greasy, nutrient dense hand therapy that restores dry, chapped or aging hands. A multiplex blend of amino acids and antioxidants helps soften, brighten age spots and protect from environmental assaults.

    Shea butter
    a biogenic, universal emollient that nourishes and softens dry skin while helping preserve hydration levels

    Vitamin E
    a restorative vitamin that protects and stabilizes stressed skin

    Amino acid complex
    a proprietary blend of amino acids that provides hydration, enhances the delivery of active ingredients and supports collagen depleted skin

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    Solar Block Broad Spectrum SPF 20

    a mineral based sunscreen | protect

    4 oz./120 g

    A lightweight, broad spectrum, natural sunscreen that protects skin from UV rays. A blend of zinc oxide and antioxidants offers complete coverage and helps protect skin from photoaging. Absorbs quickly and will not clog pores.

    Zinc oxide
    a safe and natural sunscreen that provides complete protection from the full spectrum of UV rays

    Antioxidant nutrient blend
    vitamins C and E help provide defense against UV assaults and provide antiaging benefits

    a skin mimicking, botanical modulator that helps strengthen the skin’s defenses

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    Energizing Face & Body Wash

    a daily cleanser | men

    8 fl. oz./236 mL

    An invigorating, dual purpose cleanser formulated for men’s skin to help lift away surface debris and excess oils. A multiactive blend of glycolic acid and aloe vera gel exfoliates dead skin cells, stimulates skin renewal and helps prevent ingrown hairs. Ideal for preventing post shaving irritation.

    Aloe vera gel
    a mineral rich plant extract that reduces skin reactivity, reinforces the moisture barrier and stimulates natural moisture factor production

    Glycolic acid
    a natural exfoliator that brightens, stimulates skin renewal and counteracts intrinsic and extrinsic aging factors

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    Essential Shaving Cream

    a daily shave cream | men

    4 oz./120 g

    An emollient shaving cream that provides a close shave without irritation. A blend of rich moisturizers and antioxidants softens coarse facial hair and helps protect against nicks and cuts. Leaves skin smooth and soft.

    Shea butter
    a biogenic, universal emollient that nourishes and softens dry skin while helping preserve hydration levels

    Vitamin E
    a restorative vitamin that protects and stabilizes stressed skin

    Jojoba oil
    a nutrient rich hydrator that supplements the skin with omega fatty acids to maintain optimal skin health

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    AHA Resurfacing Peel Kit

    smooths | anti-ages

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    Babe Lash Essential Serum

    Get lush, longer-looking lashes over time with award-winning Essential Serum.

    Who doesn’t want noticeably beautiful lashes? The award-winning Babe Lash Essential Serum will give you the lashes you’ve been looking for by enhancing the appearance of length and volume. It can also be used on brows and with lash extensions.

    2mL should last up to 3 months, 4mL should last up to 6 months, Mini should last up to 6 weeks.

    Apply serum every night directly to your lash line on clean, dry skin. One dip of the wand is enough serum for both eyes. Avoid touching your eyes until serum has dried. When you’re satisfied with the results, continue to apply serum 2-3 times per week to maintain lashes.

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    Babe Lash Volumizing Brow Filler

    Create fuller, textured brows with the Volumizing Brow Filler. 

    Available in Dark Brown and Taupe.

    Apply using short strokes, starting at the inner edge of your brow. For added fullness, brush product against the direction of growth and then smooth hairs back in place with a second coat.

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    Babe Lash Fiber Extend Mascara

    Dial-up the drama with our 2-in-1 Fiber Extend Mascara. A jet-black mascara with feathery fibers for maximum drama, length, and volume.

    Start at the base of your lashes and sweep the brush upwards from root to tip, apply fibers, allow to dry. Then apply a second coat of mascara to seal fibers into place.

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    Custom Home Skincare Plan

    I’ll create a home skincare routine, including product recommendations, that is customized to your skincare needs

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    Glow Guide Video Series

    Answers to the most commonly asked questions about skincare

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